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Unique selling proposition

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value chain and income-generating measure

by Prof Dr Nobert Pintsch / IPC

Art - Craft - Manufacture - Mass Production;

Figures-dolls-puppets and fairytale world of dwarfs, witches, fairies;

between unicum and multicum;

between analogue preservation and digital renewal;

between specialness and sameness.

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Archiving and Classification

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Initiatives are required

by Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch / IPC

The need to maintain something in a world of rapid change seems to be growing.

In contrast to this, on one hand there is the unpleasant shortage of space and on the other hand, the building itself, which is worth preserving; in both the situations, the question of reasonable maintenance and care remains open.

Short term preservation yes, - preserving it long term is another question. - In the current global economic thinking, the latter begins only when new income-generating measures and positions are anticipated.

This process slows down interesting projects even before interest can be aroused; In fact Interest arises only through mass and quick marketing measures and profit expectation, whereby the object itself goes into the background - the fast (industrial and global) success is what counts!

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Experiments and Experiences with Alternative Techniques and Adapted Building Methods

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Background – Examples – Affects / Conclusion

Professor Doctor Norbert Pintsch

Architect, Civil and Industrial Engineer



Various activities were undertaken in the Berlin period by the IPC (Charly, Johnny, etc.), which can be disregarded in the present consideration. A special project was the Power Box, a joint effort between Germany and Malaysia (see: www. ...).

With increasing international activity from 1990, which started in Pakistan and then continued into Cameroon, Colombia, etc., new challenges were encountered in the field of construction methods and technology.


In the TTTC of the AeFeA (NGO) in Pakistan, solar cookers, solar dryers, windmills (Savonius principle), hot water heaters, also a power box, for applications in rural areas and able to be locally produced, i.e. also without electricity and special tools, were made available and accessible not only to the villagers, but also to student visitors for educational purpose.

The objects were made in small quantities, distributed and sold and explained in lectures and workshops - from Adamkot in the south to Bahawalnagar to Abbottabad.

In the case of building methods, foremost the “women's center”, a competition for building samples was carried out, with a jury, awards and an exhibition. Not only experiences from excavations in the ancient city of Harappa by M. Kenoyer (three-layer wall construction used 5000 years ago, today referred to as passive solar architecture) were used, but also tests carried out in the wind tunnel of the TU Berlin before building, in order to ensure natural ventilation and air circulation cycles; The village and the planned development were modeled in accordance with the results of the study.

Different materials were used for the buildings (mud bricks, hollow bricks, solid wall and combinations with insulating material, also upside-down clay pots). The temperature was measured regularly at fixed points in order to use the experiences for later buildings (Lahore, D.I.K.). The experimental buildings in Lahore (PCC and BNU) were financed by the German Embassy and the IPC, the one for DIK (flood victims) by the Rotarians and with the help of the SES. The objects for the flood victims also considered results of developments in adapted technology. The building experiments in the BNU led to establishment of an Institute for Experimental Buildings (IEC, see www. ...).

The requirements for AT (alternative technology) and AB (adapted, climate-friendly construction) were different in Pakistan, Cameroon, Colombia, but similar in prevailing conditions (lack of tools, lack of electricity, etc.).

In Bamenda/Cameroon a permanent exhibition for AT and AB was created in the Center for Adapted Techniques (CAT, NGO), with workshops, lectures and presentations from Douala to Bafoussam to Maroua. A cooperation with the BUST led to the founding of the IAM; CAT's work has received several awards and it has been praised in press articles, the crown was thereby the establishment of RUC / Royal University Centre.

With the support of the then GTZ, as well as the IPC, also with the support of the SES, Misereor, etc., CAT-clubs were established in the districts of the former NW province; the Kids-Club in Bamenda conducted and still conducts environmental workshops, despite the turbulent situation in the English-speaking areas.

In Colombia, TM (ONG) Saboya was able to bring awareness about AT to the people in the town; Through cooperation with a workshop in Chiquinquira, equipment was manufactured for schools (to explain and raise awareness of the students about AT) and remote Fincas (independent of power supply) and introduced for use. A particular success was the branch in Leticia on the Amazon with the assistance of the National University in Bogota (including a course for environmental technology as a run-up to an exhibition in the Museum Leopoldo Rother with material from Germany ). IdEpeT, an institution for like-minded people, was established in project and partner locations. In Colombia, the project work was supported by IPC, DGFK, Misereor and SES.


If one asks about the achievements of the activities outlined, then, according to spectacular reports in the media, they are visible in everyday life. Everyday life includes coping with the normal demands of life and dealing with other developments. People in rural areas in particular are subject to enormous information pressure from the cities. In order to appear open minded, ideas are being adopted which are usually not compatible with the environment. There is a certain tragedy in the subsequent realizations of the townsfolk, whose previous influence on the rural population had already had a negative impact on the environment. A certain traditional conservative attitude can be helpful here, but it will be difficult for the willing and affected to maintain it.

A remarkable example was the experience in a Pakistani village - one lived there, in today's sense very environmentally friendly, was economical with water and fuel! And all this without much dependence on the urban areas.


All in all one can say: Good ideas require the right point in time and a minority that lives what it considers right and environmentally friendly!

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Spending-oriented leisure activities

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Income-generating measures

A long overdue lesson

to the DGFK societies


Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch, IPC-DGFK

The circle of terminologies is closing!

It is not easy to remain focused in the sea of meaningless terminologies and constantly repeating everyday occurrences.

The progressive fragmentation of society and the consequent development of new terminologies suggests a new development , which however on closer look proves to be merely a changed look.

The past in the form of the old generation seems to be losing its justification.

The youth representing what is still to come is pressing for recognition.

Between them the army of middle-aged persons.

One has to deal with everyday issues, living like a beetle between tree and bark and cannot really do how or what one would like to do.

Awakening, progress and future, these are the battle cries of the army leaders at the zenith of the overview, but they cannot perceive the emerging fog; the mixture of feet on the ground and reaching for the sky prevents this!

While the forefathers understood only the principle of work, in the course of industrialization this evolved into a mixture of working hours and free time, from which non-industrialized countries remained less affected.

Until then, life was still shaped by local character and was actually analogue, but with time it became increasingly international and also affected the less industrialized countries.

Actually escape from the limitation in own country by venturing into foreign lands.

Meanwhile, it is no longer possible to escape from the digital, global village. Even traditional work methods exist lesser and lesser and is iincreasingly infected with occupations of trivialities.

The sense of achievement through well defined tasks exist no longer and they are replaced by occupations that no longer lead to sense of achievement in the traditional sense. Free time exists no longer, the entire time becoming a conglomerate of income-generating measures and expenditure-oriented employments.

Classic profiling is becoming less well known, training and further education is part of consumerism. Despite the calls for growth restrictions, the environment is ruined - not without constant, but quite entertaining Cassandra music.

Nature, for some, a mystical power, for others - they prevail as terminology and pseudo-scientific curiosity occupy the content of their heads ... SEQUITUR ET It goes on and on - Et ca continue, encore et encore - Lo sigue y sigue

Activités de loisirs axées sur les dépenses

Mesures génératrices de revenus 

Une leçon attendue depuis longtemps

pour les sociétés DGFK


Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch, IPC-DGFK

Le cercle des terminologies se referme !

Il n'est pas facile de rester concentré dans un océan de terminologies dénuées de sens et de répétitions constantes d'événements quotidiens.

La fragmentation progressive de la société et le développement conséquent de nouvelles terminologies suggèrent une nouvelle approche, qui cependant, à y regarder de plus près, s'avère n'être qu'un changement de regard.

Le passé sous la forme de l'ancienne génération semble perdre sa justification.

La jeunesse qui représente ce qui est encore à venir fait pression pour être reconnue.

Entre eux, une armée des personnes d'âge moyen.

Nous nous devons de faire face à ces problèmes au quotidien, vivre comme un scarabée entre l'arbre et l'écorce et ne pas vraiment faire comme ou ce que l'on aimerait faire.

Éveil, progrès et avenir, tels sont les cris de guerre des chefs d'armée au zénith de la vue d'ensemble, mais ils ne peuvent percevoir le brouillard naissant ; le mélange de pieds sur terre et d'atteindre le ciel empêche cela !

Alors que les ancêtres ne comprenaient que le principe du travail, au cours de l'industrialisation, celui-ci a évolué vers un mélange d'heures de travail et de temps libre, dont les pays non industrialisés sont restés moins touchés.

Jusque-là, la vie était encore façonnée par le caractère local et était en fait analogue, mais avec le temps, elle est devenue de plus en plus internationale et a également touché les pays les moins industrialisés. Échapper réellement à la limitation dans son propre pays en s'aventurant dans des terres étrangères.

En attendant, il n'est plus possible d'échapper au village numérique mondial. Même les méthodes de travail traditionnelles existent de moins en moins et sont de plus en plus contaminées par des occupations futiles.

Le sentiment d'accomplissement à travers des tâches bien définies n'existe plus et elles sont remplacées par des occupations qui ne conduisent plus au sentiment d'accomplissement au sens traditionnel du terme. Le temps libre n'existe plus, tout le temps devenant un conglomérat de mesures génératrices de revenus et d'emplois axés sur les dépenses.

Le profilage classique est de moins en moins connu, la formation et le perfectionnement font partie du consumérisme. Malgré les appels à des restrictions de croissance, l'environnement est pollué - non sans une musique de Cassandra constante mais assez divertissante.

Nature, pour certains, pouvoir mystique, pour d'autres - ils l'emportent tant la terminologie et la curiosité pseudo-scientifique occupent le contenu de leur tête...SEQUITUR ET ça continue encore et encore - Et ça continue, encore et encore - Lo sigue y sigue

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The importance of pse * project initiatives

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Lessons in participation and perceptions of the SSI doll project
by Aaron Pinsker and Norbert Pintsch

For the theorist, theory is a merciless work program. Success means having created the appropriate and plausible phrases after doing intensive work. It's a good feeling to live with, mobile and pecuniary!

The society, represented by its heads, leaders, agents, honors this and uses the phrases in good faith and for good things. The country needs keywords!

The representatives, leaders, agents of institutions and organizations need this help in order to become active in their fields.

Even if we don't like it, the reality is quite different and dramatic. The more theory there is, the more theory grows out of it - it is almost like fertilizer; however this fertilizer is of an artificial nature and it sticks more and more to the practical problems , commonly referred to as Practice!

Globalization makes the problem frightening! The theory, actually a tool to understanding the problem on a local and regional scale, is used unknowingly for standardization and that neglects the particularities of the region. It is rather understood to be universally and globally applicable. Why does'nt anybody tell me that?, so the call of a resident of old-people home suffering from dementia!

The seemingly problem solutions are always based on the usefulness. Usefulness is a result of political-social-economic* compulsions, with the additional issue that we lose our feet on the ground. Taking on these compulsions is a mammoth task, which is therefore not touched upon. That would involve too great corrective measures.

There is no reason to leave it at that, there are even solutions available, but they do not fit into the conventional grid; the main reason: the lack of pse * benefits!

Initiatives that benefit the general public are rare. If there are some, then they are politically, economically and religiously based and financed. This means that selflessness in initiatives is practically impossible. A popular question in such rare projects is: Who is funding this? - If the answer is lacking a reference to religion or politics, this unsettles the questioner. It cannot be what cannot be! The participants in such projects have shown that a) there is this attitude of selflessness and b) this unites strangers to the pse * and makes possible what actually does not work for the reasons mentioned.

A tedious job, far from theory, adapted to the local possibilities and the local, traditional culture, which represents the wealth of a region and works even better when the "foreign" participants bring their skills into the effort without appearing to be missionaries!

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Digitization is eating away at its creators and helpers / La digitalisation ronge ses créateurs et ses adeptes

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When reality and pseudo-reality alienate each other

by Norbert Pintsch


Literature and quotations are deliberately avoided here

So that it becomes easier to ignore

One can confidently dedicate oneself to pleasant things of the virtuality.

The short text is dedicated to the few students and open minds in the RUC.


Sensitive or explosive topics attract interested parties. They want to learn more and the especially the good ones want to have a list of publications in order to control, discard, expose the author of a challenging article, to accuse of unscientific approach, - and by the way to convey; everything is in the best of order, and if not, then it will be soon!


Children should learn to use the tools of the future as early as possible. The fascination of the virtual world has captured all areas. Its implementation in industrial production process is evident. Use of computers for designing, constructing and developing work is very common, previously income generation tools for freelance professions such as lawyers, tax consultants, auditors, - in the industry you get used to the use of algorithms (Industry 2.0).


It is inevitable that the curious - wise ones are hardly available in this branch and they have no voice in business life - good and enthusiastic develop further. Economic success counts and what can then be consumed. Scenarios are developed unrestrainedly, but also lived, so that the thought of a wrong approach becomes impossible to imagine!.


What you don't know, you can't forget, and so you live in vegan nirvana as a novelty, which has long been known to the wise. Digitization covers all the differences on the planet. This is industry-friendly, therefore economical and, if you firmly believe in it, also environmentally friendly and resource-saving.


No names are deliberately given here, but the model of permanent alienation from reality should stimulate thinking: each period of time relates to previous, practical experiences and development of a new theory. If the practice level is omitted, then a theory level develops which is falsely taken to be practice, etc. The production of errors becomes so immense that recognizing them is increasingly difficult!


The euphoric nerds and Knights of Unworldliness, hardly have they gotten to know real life, have moved from one country to the next, without having gained experience with the peculiarities of the respective cultures.


Without having touched a piece of material in reality, they develop on the screen, have robot-friendly products calculated, test drugs without knowing life, they feel themselves qualified to advise others on conflicts, without ever having experienced a real conflict!


Do the developers and their helpers notice how they are embedded in consumption themselves? - Why is that so? There is no need or interest for reflecting on their behaviour, besides, there is no time!

Terms like morality and ethics do not appear in the world of program developers and improvers, which makes intellectual cannibalism easier.

The attentive reader will have definitely discovered parallels in his environment!

Introductory lecture in the IPC, on the occasion of the pandemic development

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SPATH Project News

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2020 will be remembered as a special year.

Various problems have significantly influenced people's living conditions. This does not only apply to individuals, but also for the people involved in organizations and institutions.

The project work in the NGOs was also severely affected.

With the enclosed poster we remember the volunteers in 2019,

in Pakistan Peter Hecht and Norbert Pintsch,

in Cameroon Marlies Bartkiewitz-Schmitt, Peter Hecht and Norbert Pintsch,

in Colombia Renate Perner, Lutz Fluegge, Peter Hecht and Norbert Pintsch.

In the partner organization DGFK, the year 2020 was used for sorting, editing and archiving works.

Four books were added in the DGFK archive, which are shown in the enclosed poster.

These are authors which are directly or indirectly connected to the DGFK, partly also through the Foerderverein Cultura e.V.

Alexandra Schmitt with A Lifestyle,

Hans-Dieter Heckes with Laces,

Juergen Zeidler with Frans-Maria Ferchl and the Annals of Lithography,

Ronald Koob with Ludwig Koob, Illustration-Amgewandte Kunst

Anyone who browses through the DGFK archive, the Cultura archive or the PPP archive will find these four publications under publications by the DGFK in cooperation with Cultura e.V., which are shown in another poster.

3 essays

Project snacks

Almost sounds

Fast Views

Now, in 2021, it is important to continue after overcoming physical and psychological problems. However it will not be possible to be as before because a lot of work with new challenges and initiatives is necessary in order to continue or renew what has already been started.

The young generation is in demand and has to see how they can find solutions in spite of lack of practice from the ever-present digital technology.

Those with longer life experiences are gradually disappearing in the fog of yesterday, - the young generation is aware more of tomorrow, but that too is still waiting in the fog.

The time after 2020 requires calm and cautiousness from people - some will proceed according to the motto hectic-growth-mobility, others of the younger generation will recognize opportunities and new possibilities, - in any case: It will go on, one way or the other!

To support the SSDC project, there will be a work edition in 6 chapters, which will be published piece by piece in the TK blog, as well as in the

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