Society for the Promotion of Appropriate Technology and Housing, Cameroon

Homage for Marlis Bartkiewitz-Schmid

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On the occasion of the National Day the long years volunteer Marlis Barkiewitz--Schmid is honored for her selfless engagement in the Alahkie Bush Hospital for the benefit of the population and training of honorary helpers.

Marlis is The Mother of the Bush Hospitals.

The appreciation comes not only from the public side, but also from King Dr Leshey I., Royal Rehabilitation and Reformation Center and Dr Thomas, Dept. Traditional Medicine of the Royal University Center.

CAT Director Njini Victor thanked her in a special way.

About 20 years ago, CAT came into contact with Prof Norbert Pintsch / DGFK by chance and this gave rise to new possibilities, which in the meantime have led to the installation of photo-voltaic units in the field of adapted technology. Another area was the establishment of the Kids Club as well as the cooperation with the doll project of Dr Senta Siller, which is successfully continued now by Madam Theresa.

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About the Think Tank Project

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by Norbert Pintsch IPC, FPAC


After sketching the topic HOUSING in three publications (Housing, Population and Housing, Systems and Housing), TTP is now entering a new phase.

Although the topic of communication and information has been treated in various essays over the years, experience has also been gained with contemporary techniques, but now the problems arising from the cultural model and its inter-dependencies, as well as system considerations on general housing meed to be discussed.

There are misunderstandings from small groups to large groups, and it is more than a miracle that an exchange is possible at all.

It is not only the basic communication, which is a problem.

If one were to orient oneself towards Wittgenstein (which one is not supposed to talk about, one has to be silent about it), then hardly any communication and information should be taking place.

In the assumption of better understanding, new terms are invented, which instead of closer definition create still new questions and thus new answers with new terms and for improvement with the same, similar or different concepts or ideas.
Already the analogue exchange of ideas on earth is more than problematic, but when the digital exchange comes into play with additional time or distance factors, then arise the real problems!

Housing in the closed system is the protection, the material protection, - the immateriality that demands the traditional humanity!

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Informal Think Tank

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By Norbert Pintsch, IPC, FPAC

The idea of cooperating with others, i.e. to exchange ideas with others and to stimulate each other, this thought is not exactly new!

In the United States of America (USA), company representatives came together and established privately funded socalled Think Tanks!

In the 20th century, this idea was implemented under president Franklin Roosevelt and a new form of advice emerged.

In politics, technological and economic interests are transferred into governance process in a lobby-like manner.

Such examples are presently implemented in many countries for selfish interests and they influence politics, usually with a certain lobby in the background.

The DGFK is an altruistic example of an informal Think Tank in which SUTOL, SEMOL, SPARC, SPATH, SPAET, SPOCA, but also FPAC and FBTC exist; however they operate in a subtle and discreet manner!

An interesting project is the so called Closed System, which outlines possibilities and tendencies, also of an uncomfortable kind, which is characterized by financial independence and the personal refrain from self-projection by the co-thinkers.

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Development of art through digital technology and biochemical adaptations

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Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch, SRF / FPAC

As already often mentioned, it is not about either this ... or this, but about both; this-as well as this. This does not mean that from now on a new form of art is available, but rather: it is still in the phase of development, maybe the effects of this are unimaginable to contemporary critics, but this is always the case with imminent upheavals in approach.

We had already written "About the End of the Arts and Crafts" - in means here that unique items will gradually disappear and will play a role only with certain collectors in the high-price segment, - for the masses remain increasingly only copies, that is: mass produced products , This may not be understandable to the contemporaries, but it is so.

We have already written about "Polycrystalline and Bio-Molecular Structures in mobile and Immobile Towns (Architecture and Urban Development)" - this runs parallel to the upcoming art, whereby the term art is to be understood in a comprehensive sense, with painting, literature , Music - all in the traditional sense.

What awaits our children and grandchildren, if they are not already infiltrated in this direction?

Creative interactive consumption, with -Virtual theater, where one can play classics with friends, but also let yourself act with "stars", -Virtual design, with classic role models, but also by experiencing neural highways, -Virtual experience in games and sports in animated roles including traveling through the cosmos, as well as movements in, through and on the planet.

The reference to already existing infiltration refers to the computer-assisted film and music productions, computer simulations, - ultimately, all areas of life are at least affected, even if it is not perceived as such. It is valid here: we see what we want to see, - hear what we mean to hear, think what we like! What can be thought, if the thinking subject is also the object at the same time? The Artificial Intelligence (AI) is immune to this problem!

The question of why and for what reason we had already discussed under the topic

"Regarding the development of housing in a closed system".

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News from Alahkie

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In May, on the occasion of the visit to the RDHC-Bush-Hospital in Alahkie, Prof Pintsch, consultant to H.E. King Leshey I., was surprised at the completion of the shell construction. From originally two complexes only one complex was constructed due to financial constraints.

In conversation with the Ax Venture of Mr Victor, which was created out of CAT, the installation of a photo-voltaic systemwas discussed and its cost calculated.

The volunteers involved in the Cameroon project also discussed the unit and its installation and decided to support the project, which has now been completed and handed in a short period of time.(see pics).

The water supply with the help of Photo-voltaic is working without any problems since the installation.

H.E. King King Leshey, as well as Mr Victor and Prof Pintsch see as the next important step, construction of reservoir for rainwater, as well as a Bio-Gas unit combined with dry toilets.

For May 2019 there is an offer of a concentrated nurse training workshop for the RDHC by the Volunteer Marlis.

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Royal Development Corporation

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The hospital project is finished as a shell construction and is an excellent example of local, environmentally conscious, resource-saving construction technique (see pic and as a counter sample an advanced hospital construction!).

It takes strong account of traditional building skills with local materials.

Now, in extension of the project, a new project will be initiated, in which the possibilities of the modern times shall be intewgrated, e.g. GPS and use of drones.

At the same time, the Royal University Center with the Appropriate Technology department would also be giving a boost to giving high-tech hands-on experience and passing it on to students.

Successfully outsourced and now independent are the areas of pharmacy in Douala and the practice of therapy in Alahkie, which will have a positive effect on the further development of the hospital project.

Royal University Centre

The Department of Appropriate Technology of the University will take up the idea of the Royal Development Corporation and give the students new hands-on experience, because not the theory is the hurdle, but the practical experience for the activity of the next generation.

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Expo Announcement

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This small exhibition shows the work of about 20 years done by the CAT. Likewise, cooperations (e.g. Akwatinuighah and Akaankang with CAT, RDC, SPATH) and special projects (e.g. weather station, drinking water tests) have been taken into account.

Particularly noteworthy are achievements of CAT in connection with the Training on the Job Initiative for young men, as well as international projects about handicrafts, as well as the national projects on alternative technology (in the districts of the NW region, but also other regions), for which various Awards and Prizes were given.

Another initiative worth mentioning is the Kids Club, where children were playfully introduced to arts and crafts and alternative techniques.

Collaborations have successfully taken place between CAT and their partners and other foreign volunteers through the initiative of Viennese designer and initiator Dr Senta Siller.

Expo Annonce

Cette petite exposition montre le travail des derniers vingt ans du Centre for Appropriate Technology (CAT). De même des differentes cooperations du CAT sont présenté ici, comme celles avec les partenaires Akwatinuighah et Akaankang, le Royal Development Corporation (RDC) et la Society for the Promotion of Appropriate Technology and Housing (SPATH) et de plus des projets spéciales sont mit en avant, comme la station météorologique et les tests et examinations de la qualité de l'eau pour une eau potable salubre.

Le Centre for Appropriate Technology - CAT - a fait un travail extraordinaire concernant le Training on the Job (practique professionelle) pour jeunes hommes, il a soutenu le developement et la distribution de l'artisanat regional dans un context international et le CAT a diffusé nationalement dans des régions et les comté de Nord-Quest des techniques alternatives.

Le KIDS CLUB, qui a initié- de façon ludique - les enfants à l'artisanat et à la technique alternative méritent également que l'on s'y attarde.

Pour son engagement durable, sa excellente performance et son expertise le CAT a recu des nombreux prix et distinctions.

Finalement il ne faut pas oublié l'importance et l'engagement de Dr Senta Siller, designer de Vienne /Autriche, qui a initié la collaboration des bénévoles des differents pays avec CAT et ses partenaires.


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